5 Spiritual Wellness Accounts to Follow on Instagram While Practicing Social Distancing

March 23, 2020

We all know by now that mental health is equally, if not more, important than physical health.

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Social distancing has caused many of us to feel deeply isolated and detached from our own spirit during this unprecedented time. Staying grounded, focused and positive is, without a doubt, essential now. There are many notable Instagram accounts focusing on maintaining spiritual health to help us all cope, but we’ve rounded up the top five that will really help you find your center.

Thrive no matter what by following the below accounts.

Spirit Daughter

Spirit Daughter, our personal favorite account, has gotten us through some tough times. Whenever we’re feeling lost or anxious, their daily uplifting quotes always seem to know just what we need to hear at that moment. They also provide details on any specific astrological events going on at the time and include how we can harness this energy to our advantage. Their biggest celestial draws also include seasonal zodiac workbooks, moon guides and more.

The Hood Witch

If you’re not already following the Hood Witch, you’re doing everything wrong. Her everyday magic for the modern mystic breaks down the energies of the zodiac and the tarot into empowering yet digestible posts that leave us feeling ready to take on any obstacle in our path. Exactly the kind of big witch energy we all need to tap into at the moment✨.

Natalia Benson

Author, women’s empowerment coach, mystic and astrologer Natalia Benson is another gem we can count on for spiritual guidance. She’s been our saving grace for tools to remain calm, cool and collected while navigating the choppy waters we’re currently swimming through. Follow her account for crystal, yoga and online course recommendations.

Roxie Sound Healing

Roxie Sarhangi hosts live sound healings on her Instagram to help bring in more love, peace and ease for all souls who feel disconnected right now. For those who aren’t familiar with the practice, it’s a meditative acoustic symphony that brings you to a state of deep relaxation, activating self-healing. You can also visit one of her curated, immersive sound sessions at special locations that she hosts in L.A. once a month.

Moon Omens

Filled with insight and a touch of ethereal magic, Moon Omens not only provides profound wisdom, but has a website featuring affirmations, and astrological tools you can’t find anywhere else. They tune into the moon’s lunar cycle and give you a full guide on rituals to practice and how it may affect each of us moving forward. This account is the perfect reminder to always trust the process as it’s leading you to your highest good??.

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