The Best Wellness Practices Suggested by Experts During Coronavirus

Amid coronavirus chaos, we turned to some of our trusted wellness brands and experts for their best natural practices to getting through this challenging time.
girl in white athleisure workout set does yoga

Although there’s no lack of health and wellness information going around right now, it can still be difficult to discern what’s right for you, specifically.

To help navigate this particular problem, clean beauty brand MARA, luxury beauty supplement brand Hush & Hush and The Jane Club and The XX Project recently hosted enlightening webinars on how we should nourish our minds and bodies during self-isolation.

girl in white athleisure workout set does yoga
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Hush & Hush’s Wellness Wednesday discussion featured adept inner health education from founders Dr. Marc Ronert and Janna Ronert, while MARA Beauty’s roundtable-style Positive Perception panel highlighted the importance of listening to your own body’s needs. Meanwhile, The Jane Club and The XX Project hosted a calm-inducing Interactive Intuition workshop, led by Mindset Mastery Coach, Stephanie Kwong, and Personal Development Coach, Laura Greenberg.

Find the best wellness practices to incorporate into your routine from each seminar below!

Incorporate Exercise Into Your Daily Schedule

This seems like such a simple task, but many people get so caught up in fear that they forget how vital it is to go out and stretch their legs. Dr. Ronert suggests a 30-minute workout in the morning and another in the evening—whatever that may be for you.

Journal at Least Once a Day

During MARA’s roundtable, Natural beauty and skincare writer, Jessica DeFino, strongly recommended taking the time to journal every day. It’s imperative to prioritize our mental health during this time and remember that it’s absolutely okay not to feel okay all the time. Getting your thoughts out onto the page will help you process your emotions in a safe (social media-free) way.

Add More Supplements to Your Diet

If you didn’t already get the memo, vitamins are major key right now. Holistic chef and co-founder of How You Glow, Tara Sowlaty, shared with MARA audiences how important it is at this time to incorporate more vitamin D and C into our everyday diets. Because many are spending more time inside, that means far less sun exposure, which can cause lower back pain and fatigue. Regularly taking vitamin D should help counteract this, along with immunity-boosting vitamin C.

Avoid Meat If You Can

According to Dr. Ronert, meat increases inflammation in the body, which can compromise your immune system. Although we know it’s unrealistic to completely cut meat out of your diet, try eating extra fruits and vegetables or buying impossible meat instead. As tough as this situation is, it can be an amazing opportunity to clean up your diet and discover new, likable ingredients you otherwise wouldn’t touch.

Rethink Your Beauty Essentials

Now that health is a top priority, DeFino reminded us that it’s time to reconsider what are really our skincare essentials. Use this as motivation to check the ingredients in your face wash or foundation, as you might be surprised how many of them are not as organic as you’d like. Now’s a great time to trash those synthetic products and try a new holistic beauty line you think is right for you.

Set Limits For Yourself

We know this is a challenge when those Doritos are sitting five feet away from you all day long. However, periodically creating boundaries with your diet (especially alcohol consumption?) and news intake will work wonders for you. Instead, stock up on protein-rich snacks that keep you fuller longer, and disconnect from electronics for a while.

Try Cupping at Home

Our favorite piece of guidance came from VIE Healing owner and Chinese medicine practitioner Mona Dan. For increased blood flow and a boost in immunity and chest health, try at-home cupping. VIE Healing offers a guide on this via their website and is also offering TeleMedicine sessions. They’re designed to help you build your own customized wellness kit at home that you’ll receive in the mail.

Practice Breathwork When You Experience Peak Anxiety

Our emotions are bound to get the best of us during these trying times, but when you feel your angst come to a head, Kwong suggests the 4-7-8 technique. Put your tongue behind your teeth in your upper mouth. breathe in for four seconds. hold it for seven seconds and breath out for eight seconds. Do this until your heartbeat slows and you feel more at ease.

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