Dive Into December with 21 New Songs from Sneaky Sound System, Major Lazer, Wild Nothing and More!

November 30, 2015

sneaky_sound_system_all_i_need_skyelyfeOh my goodness! Tomorrow is December 1st. That means the next turn of the months will also mean turn of the year!

But before we dive wholly into Christmas carols and dreidel classics, let’s kick off holiday month with some brand new “regular” music, shall we?

I’m thrilled because a longtime favorite of mine, Sneaky Sound System (who has apparently shortened things to just Sneaky) is out with a funky new dance track “All I Need,” while another fav, Wild Nothing, brings their signature indie dream pop sound with “TV Queen.”

Also on the list of 21 new songs this week is Chris Brown‘s “Fine By Me,” off of Dec. 18th’s Royalty (Deluxe version) album. I had the pleasure of previewing the 18-track LP over the weekend, along with his 34-song baby-making mixtape Before the Party. Fans will not be disappointed!

And here’s a little unexpected throwback love: Third Eye Blind released a new single “Rites of Passage.” The “Motorcycle Drive By”-loving high schooler in me will forever have a soft spot for Stephan Jenkins and anything he does. And fans of the rock band will be happy to know this fresh track does not stray far from their classic sound.

Click on the playlist below to hear additional new music from Wild & Free, HONNE, Mr. Little Jeans, Major Lazer, Chelsea Effect and so much more! And then scroll to the very bottom to hear the newest melodic hip-hop track from my Nashville boy Foster!


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