I Just Charged My 2012 iPod—Here’s a Playlist of Completely Forgotten Gems I Now Have on Repeat

March 14, 2021
ipod recharged with throwback music from the early 2010s

Who says social media’s good for nothing? Thanks to a TikTok someone posted last week, featuring a clip from “We Run the Night” by Havana Brown and Pitbull, I was inspired to dig up forgotten songs from the early 2010s (and, naturally, I made my own TikTok to document the experience).


if you’re seeing this rn, it’s your sign to go charge your ##ipod ? ##2010s ##2010smusic ##nostalgicmusic ##weho ##losangeles ##fyp


I’d been saying forever that I wanted to charge my coveted cracked iPod from yesteryear, but I just hadn’t gotten around to doing it. That is, of course, until I saw this video clip online. In fact, someone else reposted it after, and it was then that I jumped out of bed and headed straight to the Apple store. There are definitely some kinks (the iPod has to be on the charger at all times for it to work, and if you try to tamper with settings—ie. taking it off airplane mode—it restarts). But, it works!

And just like that, my Friday night was turned up in a major way. I went through all the hundreds of songs, desperately seeking out the most obscure rarities that were synonymous with that era alone. I found some true gems—some so rare that you can’t find any version of them on Spotify (hence why I made a second playlist with tracks that I could only find on YouTube HERE).

I found a handful of songs that I really haven’t heard or thought about in any regard since literally 2012. Some of the artists have even been entirely absent from music since then! Music hit so differently at that time. Even though these songs obviously sound dated, they’re truly a breath of fresh air—something we can use during the trying times our world has faced over the last few years. They evoke happiness, and what’s better than that?

Now, with that, the moment you’ve been waiting for: my playlist of completely forgotten songs from the early 2010s, thanks to my 2012 iPod!

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