Fresh Fally Tunes for Your Turkey Day and Beyond

November 25, 2021
girl wearing scarf listens to headphones in cold weather on her iphone. she's most likely listening to a fall 2022 playlist.

(via Unsplash)

Depending on where you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, *cough* if you’re in L.A.—melancholy melodies may be the only thing about November that actually feels like fall. With the exception of an overcast day or two (and a drive down Carmelita Ave. in Beverly Hills), a fall 2021 playlist is unfortunately the only thing that can really get us Angelenos into the changing-of-the-leaves spirit. That said, I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re always grateful for new music—so weather aside, fresh sounds are always a reason to give thanks.

With still one day before holiday season takes over our ears (and bank accounts), we can stuff our faces to the sounds of some recently released relaxing music. Whether you’re lounging around with the fam, or hosting a group of pals for Friendsgiving, there’s no wrong time for fresh fally tunes!

Included on the playlist are some new personal favorites from Fleet Foxes (the ultimate band for fally vibes), Satin Jackets (consistent year-’round fav), Transviolet and more. Enjoy this fall 2021 playlist full of some of what I consider the best new songs. Here’s to happy listening on Turkey Day and far beyond!

On the hunt for more melancholy melodies? Look no further than last year’s Winter 2020 playlist HERE!

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