Poolside Samba in Beverly Hills

August 6, 2014

For the second year in a row, I attended Svedka‘s June pool party in Beverly Hills. This year’s fete, held at a private home, was called their summer samba, appropriately named to coincide with the introduction of the vodka line’s newest flavors: mango pineapple and strawberry lemonade.

Ring toss, anyone?

By far one of the most packed parties of the year, guests mingled to the sounds of Rumer Willis, who was DJ, in between a full-on samba performance with authentic dancers and sound. It’s events like this one that you can pretty much attend by yourself because you are guaranteed to run into (almost) literally every person you know.

Vanessa Hudgens, Dianna Agron and Jamie Chung were also in attendance at the festive affair, which had people in line at the bar through the late evening. Once the sun set, the air got pretty chilly, which didn’t quite make for a summer feel physically, but nevertheless, the vibe of the upcoming months was definitely in full effect.

quite the elaborate house party

Jen Betts, Lisa Jammal, Jen Abel and Chris Smith were all on hand to help Svedka launch their latest vodka flavor. Always fun running into friends :)

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