8 New Body Care Products for Every Skin Necessity

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There’s no question that scalp care dominated the beauty space in 2021. And much like what’s expected to take over in 2022, experts have been left wondering, what took so long? Case in point: full-body care! Much like the face, the rest of our body’s skin can be prone to acne, aging, flakiness and dry patches. Last year did see a rise in booty care (thanks to the likes of Truly Beauty and BodyBlendz, to name a couple), but overall body care (with similar properties of general skincare products) has only very recently seen its time in the spotlight. But it’s looking like this year will put some of the best new body care products on full display.

OSEA, for example, kicked off 2022 with the launch of their Undaria Algae Body Butter. Its fusion of Undaria seaweed, whipped shea butter and ceramides does more for the skin than provide typical added moisture. Its anti-aging properties are only newly coming to the forefront of full-body care.

Looking for some of the best new body care products on the market? Keep scrolling to find the right product for the right situation!

For Full-Body TLC

Uni. 24-Hour Serum: $43

This hot-off-the-press body serum was launched with the planet in mind. Named after sea urchin, each of the brand’s five products are designed with sleek, reusable aluminum, with a plastic-free delivery system. The body serum in particular is considered “face grade serum for the entire body.” Formulated with Uni Marine Complex and Australian Kakadu Plum, you can expect 24-hour hydration and antioxidant defense. And who can say no to the captivating aroma of cedar leaf, juniper and smoked sandalwood? The bottle also comes with a high concentration of product, so no need to worry about running out quickly.

For a Pool Day

Coco & Eve Bounce Body Masque: $19.90

The skincare industry has finally acknowledged the reality of body blemishes—and Coco & Eve was quick to take note with their Bounce Body Masque. In addition to helping smooth and soothe skin texture, their deliciously scented dragonfruit and lychee masque helps reduce cellulite, absorb excess oils, increase circulation and plump and firm skin. Thanks to a formulation of volcanic clay and green coffee extract, you can expect to see a difference on the booty, belly, under-boob and thighs. So for those body-baring days by the pool or in the sand, this product is calling your name.

And for a more effective outcome, you can apply their Bali Buffing Sugar beforehand for a strong exfoliation. This preps the skin for deeper product penetration and also allows for a more even tan. Top off the overall process with their body moisture whip, and your next splash in the sea should get all the likes on IG!

For a Good Shave

Thrive Shaving Oil: $18.95

Olive oil and various seed and fruit oils comprise Thrive shaving oil. This is a far cry from your traditional creams and lathers. These oils assist with a smooth shave, while oils from unique superplants juanilama and fierrillo help guard against post-shave skin irritation.

For Date Night or an Event

NativaSPA Quinoa Firming Body Oil: $23

It’s truly rare to find a product that makes your skin silky smooth while simultaneously making you smell like a goddess. This miracle Brazilian oil does it all. Formulated with 100% pure quinoa oil, this product is packed with Vitamin E and Omegas 3, 6, and 9. Made for wet application fresh from the bath or shower, you can apply it generously on its own or mixed with lotion. On top of dewy skin, the oil has a powerfully alluring aroma that will easily elevate your everyday fragrance. In addition to oils, the new brand also makes a selection of decadent lotions that are perfect for work and play.

For Targeted Dry Spots

Reed + Gwen Supercharged Reishi Body Melt: $40

You know that super luxe bedding brand, Avocado? Well, did you know they also have a spinoff clean body care brand called Reed + Gwen? The line of products includes body oil, bath soaks and a scrub, but the personal favorite has to be the balm-to-oil body melt. It’s the perfect on-the-go formula for when you’re out the door and totally forgot to moisturize. It’s easy to scoop out a speck and dab it on your toes, cuticles, hands or anywhere else that needs an instant hydration refresh. The product combines adaptogenic reishi mushrooms, hyaluronic acid and vegan ceramides to create its silky consistency.

For ‘Chicken Skin’

KP Away Keratosis Pilaris Lipid Repair Emollient: $38.99

While this gentle emollient is suitable for all skin types, it was designed with keratosis pilaris, aka KP, aka “chicken skin” in mind. It’s in fact the only acid-free cream on the market that’s specifically designed for this purpose. It’s formulated with ultra-hydrating ingredients, including organic coconut oil, which is packed with fatty acids and antioxidants. The fragrance-free formula includes additional plant-based fatty acids to help restore the skin’s natural lipid barrier and repair dry, irritated skin.

“As someone who has had KP my entire life, I formulated KP Away’s Lipid Repair Emollient to nourish the skin with plant-based oils and waxes that have properties similar to the sebum, lipids and oils our skin naturally produces,” the product’s founder Dr. Anar Mikailov, MD, FAAD, tells skyelyfe. “It’s also fragrance-free and formulated with minimal ingredients so that it won’t irritate dry, sensitive, even eczema-prone skin—whether it has KP or not.” 

For DIY Spa Day

Hand-in-Hand Sea Salt Body Lotion: $9.99

A list of the best new body care products wouldn’t be complete without a lotion. In addition to sleek, sustainable packaging and an array of light, joyful scent offerings, Hand-in-Hand has also donated over 13 million bars of soap and helped build new clean water wells in over 23 countries. While they truly do have a handful of picks, their Sea Salt Body Lotion, infused with sweet mint and eucalyptus, is the item of choice. Perfect for slathering over your skin after a candlelit bath right before bed, this aroma has spa written all over it. The product also comes in a set with a matching sugar scrub and body wash for added effect. The scent sends you into immediate relaxation and can be paired perfectly with calming music and a cooling face mask.

Close second? Opt for their Cactus Blossom Body Lotion. It’s a unique, everyday aroma that reminds me of vacationing at a desert resort.

For a Spiritual Cleanse

Moon Bath Every Body Grounding Body Oil: $48

As a brand centered around the moon and its many moods, this formula is the perfect pick for an energy detox or a monumental date on the astrological calendar. It combines high antioxidant healing oils with the light, gender-neutral scent of sandalwood and cypress. The oil is meant to be applied just before or after a bath. After you’re fully covered in oil leading up to the bath, massage your body and allow the oil to seep into your skin. After your bath, you can reapply for hydration, by way of the combined sunflower, jojoba, marula and moringa oils.

And don’t forget to kick off the healing process with a crystal-infused body scrub. Highly recommended? House of Intuition‘s Amethyst Crystal Body Polish aims to exfoliate negative energy away and invite self-love in. It’s infused with sage, peppermint and lavender for an earthy, dreamy bathing experience.

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