New Beauty Buys Worth the Splurge for Your Very Social Hot Girl Summer

Social distancing who?!
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Whether you’re the first one to get on a plane or you plan to lay poolside all day, every day, June 15 marks the date that California plans to fully reopen, marking more than a year since coronavirus has prevented us from traveling, dating, working, dining, yeah. Therefore, how to have a hot girl summer is obviously of peak importance.

Because we were deprived of all our summer glory in 2020, we’re ready to empty our wallets this year in the name of a celebratory post-vax life. Wondering where to spend your money? Keep reading for some of the best new beauty launches worth the big bucks!

Maison Francis Kurkdjian Aqua Vitae Cologne Forte: $225

No summer is set without a signature scent—and just in time for the sunniest season, Maison Francis Kurkdjian launched three fresh aromas as part of its Cologne forte Collection. These fragrances are intended to evoke brightness, sensation and emotion. Our personal fave is Aqua Vitae Cologne forte. In addition to its striking gold bottle (which you can personalize if you order from the brand’s website!), it features a Calabria bergamot as its most prominent note, creating a light, citrusy-floral scent with sensual musks. Whether intentional or not, we actually sense hints of vanilla, too!

Vita Liberata Heavenly Elixir Advanced Tinted Tanning: $44

What’s a summer without a suntan? If all else fails, fake it ’til ya make it! Vita Liberata has always wowed with their self-tanning products, and their latest launch is no exception. This cocoa-scented, hydrating formula combines nourishing, organic ingredients with the latest advances in skincare technology. The vegan, eco-friendly product results in a noticeable yet natural-looking glow that continues developing for three days after application.

Antipodes Manuka Honey Skin-Brightening Eye Cream: $46

Manuka honey has been raved about for years now, and Antipodes is bringing its brightening and moisturizing benefits to the under-eye by way of this New Zealand-based product. Additionally, Persian silk flower blends with antioxidant-rich Vinanza grape seed and kiwifruit to create a formula that’s gentle yet effective.

Irene Forte White Wine Body Cream: $116

Skin is in—and if you’re figuring out how to have a hot girl summer, silky smooth arms and legs are a great place to start. This ultra-luxe body cream is packed with Sicilian organic white wine, hyaluronic acid, pro-vitamin B5 and Beech Bud, which help hydrate and condition the skin. Meanwhile, Vitamin E, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil protect the skin from environmental stressors while helping lock in moisture.

Temptu Ultimate Airbrush Self-Tan Starter Kit: $219

Remember what we were saying above about the importance of making your glow a priority this summer? Well, if a self-tanning elixir isn’t enough for you, Temptu has a full-blown airbrush kit to take your artificial bronze to the next level. Two formulas are included in the set (which comes with the airbrush tool itself, obviously): an instantly hydrating exfoliator prep spray, and a golden self-tanning airbrush spray. Spritz on yourself or give a pal a personalized glow!

Hope Fragrance Lifestyle Collection: $200

While the price point may seem a bit high for three pocket-sized scents, all proceeds from the Hope Fragrance Lifestyle Collection go to depression research, namely the Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HFDR). In addition to spending in the name of a good cause, the aromas themselves are of high value. Made up of a signature classic white floral, a sporty citrus and a sensuous evening scent, the trio takes you from a beachy summer brunch all the way through a romantic candlelit dinner al fresco. Prepare for a scent-ual summer experience!

Madeca Derma Microbiome Ampoule Kit: $59.99

We were a little freaked out (in a good way) when we first saw these tiny glass bottles. They look so official, like something you’d see at your doctor’s office—aka intimidating. But whatever the case, they’re here to benefit your skin this summer (and beyond) in a major way. Powered by advanced biotechnology, each ampoule is packed with hyaluronic acid, includes anti-aging properties, defends against environmental stressors and strengthens the pillars of the skin. And rest assured, they’re not as complicated to use as you may think. The video provided in the link above will take you through the easy process in no time. Added bonus? They’re the perfect size for your endless summer travels!

Miss Swiss Makeup Case & Bundle: $60

Chances are, you’ll be out and about all summer long—therefore, beauty touchups are a must. But our summer bags tend to fill up quickly, and who wants to schlep around melted makeup all day? Miss Swiss was already to the rescue with their sleek, on-the-go makeup cases, but just in time for hot girl summer, they’ve kicked things up a notch by creating their own makeup bundle included with the case. So now, any time you head out, you’ve got eyeliner, lipstick, lip gloss and mascara at your fingertips and out of the rays. Whether you have an unexpected summer sleepover, or your lips are bare from sipping rosé all day, touchups are a cinch!

The Brow Trio Kit: $34

More than $30 may seem steep for a set that mainly consists of plastic stencils, but these are no ordinary cutouts. The Brow Trio’s nine shapely designs help fill in sparse brows, with the help of a sponge applicator and a pigmented pomade that matches your hair shade (there are eight to choose from). The result? Perfectly filled-in brows that look au naturel.

Beia Hydrating & Setting Mist: $48 (full size) / $23 (travel size)

While Beia’s full-size setting mist is $15 more than Urban Decay’s famed All Nighter Setting Spray, those extra dollars are accounted for by way of ingredients. Beia literally just launched a first-of-its-kind pick—one that primes and sets makeup, but also hydrates, refreshes and packs the skin with nutrients. Typically, you can only find products that do one or the other. Formulated with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, squalene, green tea and caffeine, the AAPI-founded product works for all skin tones and textures. We had a chance to connect with founder Brittany Lo, leading up to the product (and company’s!) launch, when she told us sexual wellness products are up next for the clean beauty brand.

Lifetherapy Grounded Reed Diffuser: $65

In case you haven’t noticed, fragrance is a key theme of this roundup. Scent has always been of utmost importance, but with all of us breaking away from our pandemic hermit life, it’s time to reinvent ourselves with new aromas—and in our living space is no exception! While technically not a product we wear, the way our rooms smell is associated with how we smell, so we’re going to put them in the same category. Lifetherapy just launched five unique scents made to elevate our mood and uplift our energy. We took the brand’s detailed quiz to find our personalized match, and sure enough, Grounded was our best fit. Filled with notes of fresh citrus, heliotrope, dry amber, calming rose and vanilla, this diffuser in particular was formulated to create balance and help combat stress and anxiety (which is always needed!).

What else do you need to spice up your hot girl summer? A little tequila, of course! HERE are the best Instagram captions for all your margarita mischief!

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