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5 Online Dating Profile Clichés (from the Perspective of a Woman Seeking a Man)

October 1, 2014

It’s pretty apparent what the biggest photo clichés are in online dating profiles (at least the ones posted by L.A. guys): the standard headshot, mirror selfie in the bathroom of somewhere super douchey (for lack of a better word), and the flashing of that sideways peace sign (I probably understand that one the least). But now that we’re past that, it’s time to analyze what I consider the five most common clichés (aside from the wrong use of “your,” and “there”) used in the actual profile, itself. I took the time to pull examples from real profiles I recently encountered (thank you, boys/men of JDate and Tinder!), so I encourage you to read on and chuckle to yourself each time you can relate to reading about one of these types:

Mr. Sarcasm:

I’m not quite sure why the self-proclaimed “fluent in sarcasm” guys are most predominantly found on these things. I can think of far more impressive “languages” I’d rather brag about being fluent in. But seriously though, why is this so frequently the first thing a guy states in his profile?


The witty/funny guy:

It’s always amusing when the “fluent in sarcasm” guy feels the need to point out that he’s also “very witty” and “very funny.” He doesn’t realize that those are his subjective opinions.


The lover of life:

We get it, you “always strive for the best,” and your personal motto is “work hard, play hard.” We’re glad you love life just like everyone else on these sites, but can you please elaborate on what makes your life so “amazing?”


The novelist:

Since so many of you claim to be so “witty” (see one of the boxes above), can’t you take a 30-sentence essay and condense it into a catchy little paragraph? In the time you wasted writing out your life story (trust me, if your photos aren’t appealing, no one is reading your bio) you could have already been on an online date and back.


The disclaimer:

“Don’t worry! The baby in the photo is only my niece!” Okayyy…. if you need to explain it, then why would you make it your main pic? I don’t know why, but this irks me for some reason.


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