Everything to Know About the New S.O.S. Gummy That’s Here to Rescue Your Dry Skin

September 8, 2021
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Gummy supplements have come a long way since the famous Sugar Bear Hair bites that put these ingestibles on the map. While many believe these products are gimmicky, Embody gummies have shed new light on this particular industry.

The brand released The Retinol Gummy at the end of 2020 and the ACV Gummy at the beginning of 2021. And in July, they released an S.O.S. gummy, formerly known as the eczema gummy. I was invited to the product’s virtual launch, and sent samples just ahead of its release. I was hesitant at first because I don’t suffer from eczema, and I wanted to know if I’d still benefit from the gummies (which are kid-safe, btw!). Well, apparently I’m not alone. Many other event attendees had the same question, which led the brand to restructure its name and advertised purposes.

Embody’s SVP Alexis Starling chatted with skyelyfe and broke down what to know about the supplements, how eczema is developed and why anyone with generally dry skin can benefit from these gummies. Keep reading for what she had to say!

Purposes of the S.O.S. Gummy

“The S.O.S. Gummy is a great addition to the skincare routine of anyone with dry, irritated, itchy skin,” Starling said. “Dryness and itchiness can be caused by any number of factors—cold weather, hard water, dehydration, environmental sensitivities and more. What the S.O.S. Gummy brings to the table is maintaining a healthy, happy skin barrier to keep moisture in and environmental stressors out.”

S.O.S. Gummies Ingredients and Their Universal Benefits 

Because Vitamin D deficiency is a prime contributor to eczema and dry skin, the gummies are packed with the essential nutrient, along with MSM, evening primrose oil and zinc.

“Did you know that up to 25% of Americans are vitamin D deficient?” Starling points out. “Vitamin D serves a multitude of important functions in your body, including helping enhance mood, supporting immune function and providing nutrients necessary for a strong skin barrier. The vitamin D in the S.O.S. Gummy helps support your immune system and helps keep skin cells healthy, which contributes to smoother, clearer, and soothed skin. MSM is a natural sulfur derivative that helps support proper cell structures, the body’s ability to repair itself and collagen production. Evening primrose oil is packed full of fatty acids to help boost skin barrier function and help lock in moisture. Finally, zinc is a vital nutrient that contributes to healthy skin healing.”

Important Points to Note About All Gummies

First and foremost, if any particular gummy claims to cure or completely fix an issue or ailment, that is a marketing ploy. Gummies should not be intended for that purpose, and rather, serve as aids. Additionally, gummies aren’t one-size-fits all.

“Everyone’s body is different,” Starling said, regarding Embody Gummies efficiency. “What may work for one person may not work for another. We always recommend giving your body time to adjust to any new supplement or skincare product.”

Speaking of dry skin, HERE‘s my sworn-by secret to making your skin look shiny (even if you’re faking it!).

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