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Bid Adieu to Summer with 22 Fresh Songs to Take You Into Fall

September 17, 2014

My favorite part of summer is knowing that it’s the closest time of year to my favorite season fall. That said, I know how many people cherish the months of June – Sept, so I’ve decided to give them something to leave those precious months behind with: A playlist of 22 awesome new songs to take everyone into the new season.

Goldroom once again fails to disappoint with his dreamy new track “Till Sunrise,” featuring Mammals. Another favorite, The Knocks – who collaborated with Mat Zo – also released a new song in August, “Get Down 2 Get Up.” Reminiscent of early ’00s disco house, this song brings me back to my college days. And going off of college days, ATB (a fond favorite during the end of high school thru undergrad) has a new easy-on-the-ear single “Raging Bull” with Boss and Swan. And Basement Jaxx (another oldie-but-goodie) released “Never Say Never.” The rest of the list includes everything from some of my current favorites – Grum, ASTR, Betty WhoTensnake and Kate Boy – to music from recently discovered acts Mansions on the Moon, Purple Disco Machine and  Solar Heist.

Check out the list of 22 new songs below:

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