Provocative Fletcher Lyrics to Use as Instagram Captions for All Your Thirst Traps

August 2, 2022
fletcher covering her almost bare chest

If your goal is to get a reaction out of people on Instagram, the best Fletcher lyrics are a great place to start. And by best, we mean most provocative.

The NYU grad-turned-singer-songwriter doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing on her exes, her sex life, sexuality and everything in between. Because her self-written raw lyrics come from the heart, they definitely make for the best Instagram captions. Surely whatever you’re doing can resonate in some way with what she has to say. And with Monday’s release of her latest track “Becky’s So Hot,” now is as good a time as any to celebrate the star. The music video stars Bella Thorne, and the duo is a fiery pair.

Whether you’re a huge fan of the “Undrunk” singer, or you’re only here for some quality social media content, keep reading for the best Fletcher lyrics to use as Instagram captions. Hopefully these tide you over as we all eagerly await the release of her debut album, Girl of My Dreams in September.

For the pic of you with the hottest girl(s) you know:

She flame emoji wow.

-“Becky’s So Hot”

For the seductive shot of you sucking on a lollipop:

I know you think about me when you kiss her. I left a taste in your mouth, can she taste me now?


For the shot of you dripping wet fresh out of the shower:

You dream of me, dressed in white; I dream of you, dressed up in nothin.’

-“Shh…Don’t Say It”

For the sultry headshot of you looking straight into the camera:

Say that you crave me, will you fixate me?

-“Over My Head”

For the pic of you under the covers, revealing your bare shoulders:

If you’re gonna lie, at least do it in my bed.

-“If You’re Gonna Lie”

For your next mirror selfie:

I’ma have the last laugh, ah ’cause the second you forget me is the second that I come right back.

-“Last Laugh”

For your next photo that leaves little to the imagination:

I wanna be young and party; be dumb and never feel sorry; become a freak with my body.


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