The Best Fall 2022 Playlist of Moody New Music

October 17, 2022
girl wearing scarf listens to headphones in cold weather on her iphone. she's most likely listening to a fall 2022 playlist.

(via Unsplash)

Each year, I get so excited for all the moody, broody music that typically encapsulates this season. But it’s been a little harder to curate a fall 2022 playlist than it’s been in years past, so that’s why I’m a little late this year. Considering the weather has still been in 80-90 degree range, it doesn’t really feel like the season anyway.

That said, luckily I stayed in this past Saturday night, and I dug up an exceptional number of worthwhile new listens (including a new album from Tove Lo—her first as an independent artist!). So it looks like we finally have a fall 2022 playlist ready to go. It’s not all moody though! There’s a little liveliness sprinkled in, too, because we could all use it.

If you’re eager for some fresh background music to accompany your next baking day or pumpkin-scented candle-lit dinner, skyelyfe has you covered! Scroll below for the 21 best new tracks by Anna of the North, LeyeT, St. Lucia, Charlotte Lawrence, Death Cab for Cutie, Khalid and more.

In need of some additional new music? THESE international pop stars should have you covered!

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