6 Crisp and Delicious Hard Ciders to Try This Fall

Hard cider tastes delicious year round, but there’s something about the seasonal flavors for fall that really make a difference. Stock up on our favorite sips!

Whether you consider yourself a connoisseur or you’re looking to expand your alcoholic palette, it’s time you go for a crisp and refreshing hard cider.

There’s also no better time than the present to embrace the brisk and delicious specialty flavors they come in for fall. Scroll through below for all our top seasonal picks below!

1. Foggy Ridge Handmade Cider: $10.99

Touted as a true artisan hard cider made from uncommon apples, this beverage is a cooler months must. It’s handmade and can be enjoyed with your favorite tomato bisque or harvest soup.

2. Wolffer Estate No. 139 Dry Rosé Cider: $15.99

I mean, do we ever leave rosé off the list? ??. This epic choice is white cider with a rosy and sweet twist. We also deeply appreciate that it comes in both a bottle and a can.


3. Virtue Cider Michigan Apple: $9.99

If you prefer a dry champagne, you’ll love the taste of Virtue Cider’s Michigan Apple. With a hint of oak, it’s your go-to for a sweet but slightly sour vibe. Luckily, it’s sold in packs, so stock TF up.

4. Original Sin Hard Cider: $11.99

The name of this brand alone makes it an instant buy. They have an overwhelming amount of options including their original and black widow flavor. If you don’t bust these out in October, you’re just doing everything wrong.


5. Woodchuck Amber Draft Cider: $8.49

Major shoutout to Vermont for making the elite of hard ciders. It’s fermented with champagne yeast for a little extra punch, which is completely unique to them. This is the only kind of mixing we’ll ever approve.

6. Austin Eastcider’s Blood Orange Cider: $9.99

We adore Austin Eastcider’s blood orange flavor for its zesty notes of citrus and the tartness of a variety of apples. It’s bittersweet but tastes divine with brunch or your after dinner dark chocolate. This is aimed at fans of sour beer for sure.


Now that you know what to buy, HERE’s how to caption your fall beverage photos.

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