Whipped Drinks Is a User-Friendly Kit That Makes Delicious, Frothy Coffee in 60 Seconds

Whipped Drinks is a brand new whipped coffee kit company—and it promises frothy coffee in 60 seconds. How did it fare? Read this review to find out!
whipped drinks frothy coffee kit review

I’m obsessed with coffee, so any innovative development in the space immediately piques my interest. Therefore, when I was informed of a whipped coffee kit launching this month, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on it first.

Ahead of Whipped Drinks‘ official release, I was invited to the Zoom launch, where the brand’s husband-and-wife founders, Katie and Taylor Angel, gave attendees a demonstration of how to use their DIY froth kit. But everything looks better on camera. Would I be able to figure it out myself, I wondered.

Well, below is everything you need to know about Whipped Drinks’ whipped coffee kit.

The Product

The brand was conceptualized amid the pandemic, when not only was there plenty of extra time on everyone’s hands, but Katie was inspired by the sudden frothy coffee trend on where else—TikTok. Within months, Katie, with the help of her hubby, did her fair share of research and trial and error, and birthed this impressively packaged product.

The $49 kit comes with the following:

  • High-speed frother, batteries included
  • Gilded frothing jug
  • Carton Whip Sticks (contains 10 packets)
  • Recipe book
  • Beautifully wrapped box

Noted by the pair on the Zoom call, the packets are instant coffee (but with a much-elevated kick). The website describes the contents as “premium coffee refined to the perfect texture for whipping.” The 100% Columbian blend is infused with natural cane sugar, luxurious cocoa and a dash of sea salt. The product is gluten-free.

Aside from the kit’s contents, all you need to make your whipped coffee is a spoon, choice of milk, a glass, ice and a tablespoon of water.

The Experience

To be completely honest—I’m terrible at assembling things. And when I saw this called for batteries, I was even more concerned. That said, it’s a convenient touch that batteries are included. Things already started off on the right foot.

While the duo’s demonstration looked simple enough, who knew if I’d be able to tackle this solo. But one quick read-through of the user-friendly instructions, and it appeared to be easy as advertised.

I simply emptied one Whip Sticks packet into the frothing jug, added a tablespoon of H20, and applied the frother for 60 seconds. My result? A delightfully whipped concoction, ready to be devoured. Ah, but first—TikTok! I poured my frothy coffee on top of my iced almond milk, and took to cyberspace to capture the magic (see below!).


guess what launches on vday? this 60-second frothy coffee kit. delish! ??‍♀️☕️ ##coffeeaddict ##diycoffee ##covidcoffee

♬ Fake – The Tech Thieves

Bottom Line

In addition to the fancy factor of these whipped indulgences, the coffee itself is truly delicious. I don’t typically react well to anything made with sugar, but the amount is just enough to heighten the flavor without making it an overly sweet treat. I also wondered if I’d actually experience a much-desired caffeine jolt from one of these bad boys, or if they just tasted good. Thankfully, I got my energy boost!

Depending on how much coffee you drink (I drink a ton), you may go through the packets quickly. But if such is the case, you can purchase 10-pack refills for $24. Perfect for posting on IG, impressing a guest, or simply for the sake of enjoying solo, I highly recommend this impressive kit to any coffee-lover.

My only important note is the frothing can get messy, so be sure to do it over the sink or a towel, and avoid wearing light clothing in the process. Happy whipping!

whipped drinks frothy coffee kit review

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