Do Period Panties Really Work? Here’s Everything to Know About the Convenient (and Environmentally Conscious) Innovation

It may not be a sexy conversation, but it’s sure an important one. Does period underwear work? We interviewed proof. panty’s brand manager for all the 411!

Undergarment discussion can be extremely sexy—but it can also go in the other direction. Case in point: period panties. Namely, the hot topic, does period underwear work?

While it may not be the most uplifting chat between you and your male S.O., periods are a fact of life for women—and ways to combat an unstoppable flow is always a relevant subject matter.

Okay, so does period underwear work? In one word, yes! I’ve used two different brands of period underwear, and both have been effective. I most recently tried proof., a patented leak-loc technology-based brand of panties that decreases odor and comes in seven different styles (including thong, lace, brief and bikini) and five absorbencies. Given my experience, I haven’t had any leaking issues. I also find the undies wildly convenient, as I’m saved from buying (or running out of) tampons.

To provide more insight from a professional standpoint, I reached out to Sarah Grotenhuis, proof.’s brand manager. Everything you could possibly want to know about period panties is listed below!

How to Officially Refer to Period Panties

“Period underwear, period undies, period panties all are good!” Grotenhuis tells skyelyfe. “Proof. period underwear have been called it all. You can also use the term ‘leakproof,’ but that’s unique to proof. as a brand as we’re the only brand of triple-patented and truly leakproof underwear out there.”

How proof. Panties Differ From Other Period Underwear on the Market

“Our [patented] Leak-Loc technology is what sets us apart,” Grotenhuis explains. “That’s our multi-layered technology that acts as a built-in replacement for pads, tampons and cups. The top layer pulls in moisture and keeps you dry, while our super absorbent middle layers disperse liquid so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in a pad. We use antimicrobial fibers that inhibit the growth of bacteria and fight odor for a fresh feeling all day, and back it all up with really, really leakproof technology and Leak-Loc edges that seal in leaks.

You can also expect to steer clear from toxins when you slip into a pair of these panties.

“Another key factor for us is what we don’t use,” Grotenhuis says. “Proof. pairs are free of lead, phthalates, PFOA-PFOs and other harmful chemicals—and we never use a sprayed-on waterproof top coating on our lining like some competitors do.”

How proof. Was Conceptualized  

“Proof was years in the making,” Grotenhuis says. “We spent close to three years perfecting our Leak-Loc technology. Kari, the youngest of [the brand’s founders] the Caden sisters, experienced really heavy postpartum bleeding despite delivering her son via caesarean section, and no one warned her about this leaking. We came to find out that many women struggled with similar problems. Friends with heavy flows bled through tampons and pads every 45 minutes, others experienced bladder leaks during workouts, and all of it made life more difficult than it had to be. We knew there had to be a better solution than uncomfortable disposables that leak—not to mention all of that single-use plastic waste—so we invented proof.”

How Period Panties Actually Work

“Period undies fit and feel like your favorite pair of normal underwear, but have multiple layers of absorbent protection,” Grotenhuis explains. “They act as a replacement for pads and pantyliners, and can replace or back-up tampons and cups. Simply wear, wash, and repeat! Period panties are for anyone who loves convenience, comfort and taking care of their body and the planet.”

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