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Feeling Down? Here Are Some Outside-of-the-Box Tips (and a Playlist) for Kicking That Case of the Sunday (or Any Day) Blues!

November 30, 2014

depressionRegardless of who we are or where we are in our lives, we’ve all hit the occasional wall of emotional discomfort. Whether it’s dealing with the aftermath of a hard-partying weekend, dreading the week that lies ahead – or in this weekend’s case, saying farewell to a holiday experience – it doesn’t take much for a case of the Sunday blues to kick in.

With the combination of self-experimentation and guidance from others, I’ve come up with some useful tips for bidding adieu to feelings of negativity on Sundays, or heck, any days:

1. I think the day should start off as a me-day, beginning with a workout of any kind. Many suggest a hike in particular. If you belong to a gym, I recommend driving to a location farther away than the one you typically go to. Driving and listening to music always helps me clear my mind. After the workout and a shower, I suggest taking on what I consider an insta-self-esteem-booster: a spray tan. It may sound silly, but I always feel beautiful after a simple spritz of color.

From there, I like to go to a coffee shop somewhere funky and low-key like Bourgeois Pig in Franklin Village or pretty much anywhere in Silverlake. I’ll take along a self-help book or some type of reading that will be beneficial to my well-being and then order the largest almond milk latte on the menu. Nothing soothes me quite like the taste and smell of hot coffee. I feel energized and motivated and just all around better. Before me-day starts, lock in dinner plans for later with a friend. I always think it’s important to kiss an unhappy day goodbye with quality time alongside a close comrade. It gives you something to look forward to at the end of the me-day, it gives you a chance to vent about what’s been making you feel bad and allows you to receive comfort from a person who knows you well. — me

2. Make a task list to get a head start on Monday. On that list? Tidying up your living space. A clean house is a clean, happy mind. – Erick Orellana, Colorist, Sally Hershberger salon, @erickohair

3. I’m a huge advocate of Donna Eden‘s five minute healing energy workouts. These stretches are geared toward bringing positive energy all throughout my body so I feel a bit better. I also wake up and think of five things I am grateful for. — Patti SheinmanHillel director, Wellesley College

4. I suggest going to CVS and buying birthday or anniversary cards (and stamps) for your parents [or close friends], even if the dates are months in advance. You’ll feel great knowing that even if everything else in your life sucks that day, you’re way ahead of the game [in this other area]. — Melissa RappaportOwner, Rapparound PR, @Rapparound

5. Nothing cures the blues like a strong “attitude adjustment,” a.k.a. DRINK! My go-to is a homemade Old Fashioned, but if my blues are Eeyore-status, there’s nothing that will snap me out of it like a Rye Manhattan.

I also love curling up on the couch and devouring a magazine from cover to cover when I’ve got the Sunday blues. There’s something so relaxing about reading someone else’s content (not electronically!), with a glass of wine in hand. — Kirstin BensonEditorial Director,, @kirstinbenson

6. During the winter, I suggest going ice skating in downtown L.A. at L.A. Live. It’s so much fun! I did it last year and I did great until I fell on my behind at the very end! This day put me in a great mood. I was able to have “date night” with my BFF! We were laughing and playing like we were 10 years old again. It was an adjustment at first with the skates, but a few times around the beautifully lit tree and we were pros again. We weren’t concerned about work the next day. It was our time to spend together and to be merry! We had such a stress-free day we are excited to go back again this year! — Natalie Kanooni, Philanthropist, @curlynat31


7. Don’t look at Facebook. It’s a lot of passive aggressive people trying to one-up you on how great their lives are. Busy, productive, happy and content people post the least on Facebook. To go along with that, turn off your phone. There are few things so undeniably urgent that you can not handle them later, and maybe they will have already solved themselves by the time you get back. — Anonymous

8. I think it goes without saying, but music has healing powers. I don’t necessarily gain solace from the cliche depressing songs that most people think go hand-in-hand with feeling bad. I guess it just depends, but it’s also quite empowering to listen to upbeat songs of a motivational manner. Check out the lively list I compiled below!  — me


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