How to Throw the Ultimate Post-Thanksgiving Detox Dinner

November 26, 2016

First came your Thanksgiving feast, then came your post-Thanksgiving leftovers feast, and chances are you’re currently in a state of seemingly eternal bloatedness—so now what?

Keep the special friends and family togetherness time continuing through the remainder of the holiday weekend with a delicious dinner menu of a different kind—the detox, debloat kind.

Below is everything you need to have an enjoyable feast that will do quite the opposite as your few meals prior. Bon apetit!

1. Beverages 

  • Detox Water Station – Obviously the most important ingredient to any detox plan is water, but kick things up a notch with a deliciously quenching selection of various flavors, made up of apples, ginger and other detox-enhancing items. Create several different bottles and leave them out for guests to select based on their preference. The Chalkboard offers a slew of delicious water combinations HERE.

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  • Detox Cocktails – Okay, okay, it may sound like an oxymoron to list the word “detox” and “cocktail” in the same sentence, but let’s get real—a party ain’t a party without a libation or two, and the Cookie and Kate blog came up with the simple, sensible (and dare I say healthy-ish) idea to swap out a Moscow Mule’s ginger beer for none other than Kombucha (ginger or gingerberry flavor) to create quite the refreshing vodka-based cocktail. Get the easy breezy recipe HERE.

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2. Appetizers

  • Vegan Pesto Stuffed Mushrooms – Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or carnivore to the max, chances are you’re a fan of stuffed ‘shrooms. There are so many versions of this popular appetizer dish, and the Detoxinista has a simple, yet oh-so-satisfying recipe that’s perfectly fitting for this healthy occasion. Get the light recipe HERE.
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3. Main Dishes

  • Eat Yourself Skinny’s Signature Detox Salad – Kale, brussels sprouts and broccoli—oh, my! With some staple greens, alongside some of your favorite antioxidant-rich seeds and nuts, you’re about to give your guests a filling nosh. And the flavorful accompanying dressing recipe is sure to leave you with no leftovers after your guests devour this gem of a dish. Get the recipe HERE.

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  • Revitalizing & Raw Cauliflower-Tomato Detox Salad – This additional delight contains most of the same ingredients as the aforementioned, but focuses on cauliflower as its staple. It also calls for sun-dried tomatoes, which I cannot stand, so consider those optional. But everything else, including the dressing, sounds absolutely delightful. With the combination of this and the salad above, you’re sure sure to have enough vitamin-rich foods to go around for the night. Get the Blissful Basil blog’s recipe HERE.

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4. Dessert

  • Detoxinista’s Healthiest Cookies Ever – You read that correctly, these are considered (by Detoxinista’s standards) the healthiest cookies ever! And judging by the ingredients (walnuts, dates, flax seeds to name a few) we’re thinking this claim is not too far off. Get the recipe HERE.
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