On Valentine’s Day and Beyond, Spice Up Any Night With These Fun Masquerade Activities

February 6, 2018

Whether you’re single or committed, Valentine’s Day can get a bit monotonous year after year.

Either you’re stressing out over which overpriced restaurant to go to with your significant other—or you’re debating on whether to stay in and avoid couples or make it a Galentine’s Day with wine, a cheesy movie and a BFF.

But what if you could kick things up a notch and get your closest pals together (single and taken) for some good ol’ masquerade fun, so that no one is left out of Feb. 14 festivities? Heck, take these activities beyond just V-Day. Masquerade parties are a festive way to bring people together, meet others and get creative!

Upon recently receiving a mask of my own, I decided to dive into the world of masquerade and get to the bottom of just how these legendary parties go down. Based on tons of research, I learned that these shindigs are relatively tame, despite these masks’ sexual association (but of course you can take you own sexy spins on any of these activities). I also learned that there’s a series of seemingly normal games that go down at these fancy functions.

Now bust out your decorations and keep reading for three activities that should take place at your masked extravaganza!

Photo Credit: Instagram / @vivomasks

1.  Have a Mask Decoration Station

We imagine guests should walk into the party with their masks on, but “the idea is to have the necessary materials for the guests to create an amazing mask,” Michael Austin, the Marketing Communications Specialist of high-end exotic accessory line Vivo Masks tells skyelyfe. “These materials include glitter, small jewels, and of course, the mask. It is not only fun, but it will also allow you to pour your creative juices [into the project].”

2. Create a Scavenger Hunt

Upon reading eHow (among other sites), I quickly learned that scavenger hunts are a must for these gatherings.

The site suggests that before the ball, create a list of items (parts of costumes are a good start—for example, pink feathers) for guests to find as a scavenger hunt. Take into account the party location. If it’s at a large, old house, take a look at the home’s artwork for ideas. After all the guests have arrived and everyone’s had a chance to greet one another, announce the scavenger hunt. Divide guests into teams (do this before the party, using the guest list) and give them a specified length of time to find the items on your list. Keep in mind that guests’ finery will likely prevent them from climbing or running, so pick items accordingly. Award a prize to each member of the winning team—perhaps a small bottle of wine.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @VivoMasks

3. Play the ‘Forbidden Word’ Game

It wouldn’t be a proper masked affair without some beads, right?

Birthday Party Ideas 101 suggests giving each guest a Mardi Gras type of beaded necklace to wear. Advise everyone of what the “forbidden” word shall be. Select a word that you would ordinarily hear at a masquerade party like “mask.” When someone says the forbidden word, whoever catches that person saying the forbidden word first, shall receive that person’s necklace. Whoever has the most necklaces at the end of the game wins.

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