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Want to Throw a Magical Fall Fete? Read What Went Into Planning My Own

October 22, 2014

It’s funny … When I sent out my yearly fall party invite, there were of course those excited to celebrate the season, but from a few others, I got responses ranging from “I’ll be there, happy birthday!” to “What is a fall party?” Yes, to some it may not make complete sense – but upon entry into my apartment, which morphed into a pumpkin wonderland, any guest could see right away just how it was possible to celebrate what I consider the best season (and not just for the sake of it being attached to Halloween). What isn’t there to embrace about the kick-off to much-needed overcast weather, the falling of the leaves and finally being able to sleep without the air conditioner?




The night before the festivities (this is my 6th year celebrating), my good friend Natalie came over and designed a photo booth in the corner of the apartment. Covered in fake leaves and other autumn-esque decor, this was the first step in the apartment’s perfect seasonal transformation, as demonstrated below with her boyfriend Omeed.


Meanwhile, my roommate and some of her friends carved pumpkins in various sizes. Some ended up decorated in paint and others in nail polish (glitter shades, too!). There was no lack of color on these otherwise all-orange gourds.

The following day was spent cleaning, rearranging, adding more decoration and finalizing details with our bartender (yes, we even had signature drink options). One thing we were already set on was our array of aroma, thanks to my massive Yankee Candle purchase a month prior. There’s nothing like getting in the spirit a little early!

The decor, combined with my fall party playlist felt just right when guests (probably around 50 in total throughout the whole night) began to arrive at 8pm. As people walked in, we handed them each a little paper square with a raffle number and the hashtag #fallfrolic2014. Then midway through the party, we drew numbers and gave away gift cards, beauty products and other items to our four winners.






To anyone who wasn’t able to make an appearance, we can’t bare to take down all of our hard work just yet, so if you end up at the apartment at some point within the next month, you can get a fally feel for what we did!

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