8 Innovative New Beauty Products You’ll Want to Get Your Hands on ASAP

Shoutout to brands that think outside the box.
girl stands in front of mirror in a robe spraying on part of her skincare routine
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(via Unsplash)

If I rounded up a list each month of every new hair and skincare launch that hit shelves, I don’t think I’d get a moment of sleep. There are endless beauty releases each day, let alone each week and so forth. That’s why I decided to create a fresh list of the best new beauty products that are truly innovative.

So many products on the market essentially mimic each other with perhaps a swapped ingredient, chicer packaging or a different price point. Many of the launches sent my way recently, however, are made with rare formulas or unique intentions.

Again, I can’t speak for everything on the market, but from what I’ve tried recently, below are the best new beauty products that think outside the box.

Maya Apothecary Daily Ritual Kit: $229.50

Before I get into your new luxury self-care obsession, let’s start with pointing out that Maya Apothecary is the world’s first frequency-infused skincare line. What does this mean, exactly? Intended benefits of each frequency range from reducing anxiety and calming the nervous system, to activating the pineal gland and supporting visualization and manifestation practices. Essential oils are added specifically to match the intention of the frequency.

The brand’s Daily Ritual Kit comes with two expertly packaged full-body formulas (Illuminate for AM, Wild Femme for PM). The frequencies of these rich, concentrated balms are infused when the product is in a liquid state, at higher temperatures, using sound. The vibrational attunement of water and oil molecules to sound is a long-studied phenomenon and scientifically proven practice. It’s used in healing and meditation, and even in some medical treatments. This may potentially sound a little too new age for some, but if this is your type of thing, it could be useful to get started on a full moon, during a reiki healing session, a meditation or some other occasion that explores your higher self.

Due to COVID restrictions, the brand held its exclusive launch via Zoom—and lucky attendees (myself included) received a gift box backed by brands that also support the mission of self-love and wellness: Child of WildSlipMagic of IArt of TeaThe Moon Deck and more.

The Route Triple Cleanse: $48

Known most prominently for their Party Peel gold illuminating face mask, The Route Beauty has taken the standard cleanse routine to the next level, consolidating three steps into one. Applied to dry skin, this cream-to oil-to milk consistency (infused with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, passion fruit seed oil and shea butter) melts makeup, eliminates bacteria and provides some much-needed moisture.

Personal tip: After cleanser application, leave the formula on the face for a few extra minutes to seep in added moisture.

Skin Proud Frozen Over Gel-to-Ice Hydrator: $15.97

Skin Proud is no stranger to London, but it’s brand new to the U.S., making this one-of-a-kind product fresh to most of the people reading this. As part of Walmart’s reinvented skincare overhaul, this popular overseas brand will stock the aisles with skincare essentials. Geared toward Gen Z in particular, this gel-to-ice hydrator is a universal must, regardless of age or skin type. The hyaluronic acid-packed product serves as your standard, everyday moisturizer when used at room temperature—but quickly transitions into a hydrating de-puffer after a couple hours in the freezer. Late nights? Don’t know ’em!

Barefoot Scientist Dream State Spray: $20

As the first scientifically backed footcare line, Barefoot Scientist has done it all when it comes to keeping the feet in tip-top condition. But the brand’s latest launch is truly innovative, in that it combines premium ashwagandha and the world’s purest form of magnesium to deliver fast-acting relaxation and a sleep-inducing state of mind. Applied to the soles of the feet for best absorption, this spray requires minimal effort (and zero liquid-before-bed ingestion) to hit the pillow peacefully.

Personal tip: Upon application, throw on a pair of cozy socks. Not only does wearing socks to bed provide more restful sleep by regulating your body’s temperature, but the relaxing material will be a welcome contrast to the texture and feeling of magnesium.

BodyBlendz Booty Mask: $37.99

It’s about time that masks are expanding outside of hair and face. Body masks have grown in popularity over just the last year alone, and Australia’s BodyBlendz is hopping on the trend with the launch of their cooling Booty Mask. Made to lift and moisturize the derriere, this unique mask comes in a clay formula, is suitable for all skin types, contains slimming properties, prevents buttne and unclogs pores. Where traditional clay masks across the board tend to try out skin, this product does the opposite. The brand also simultaneously launched a booby clay mask, formulated slightly different, but with similar benefits.

Personal tip No. 1: What blew me away about the booty mask most is that I applied it to a freshly shaved bikini area (just to see what would happen), and it immediately removed the redness. How’s that for a multifaceted product?

Personal tip No. 2: If you want to take your booty smoothness to the next level, you can top off the masking process with a clearing butt polish, like Truly Beauty’s Berry Cheeky, for example. Apply with water after rinsing the clay mask, and leave on for 10 minutes to help slough away blemishes and impurities. Added bonus? It smells fruity and feminine!

Good Faith Women’s Wellness + Probiotics Supplements: $25

Sick of popping seemingly endless pills each morning? Same! Brand new skincare and wellness brand, Good Faith, launched a 2-in-1 capsule made specifically for women. These probiotic, chaste tree, ginger root and cramp bark-packed supplements deliver digestive health benefits. They also promote a balanced vaginal pH and microbiome, and support a healthy urinary tract and bladder, helping reduce risk of UTI and optimizing female hormonal balance. Yes, this is a mouthful of info to digest, but a good one—trust.

Fable & Mane SahaScalp Amla Soothing Serum: $45

Fable & Mane quickly climbed the ranks of buzzy haircare brands with the launch of their HoliRoots pre-wash hair treatment. Following the product’s success, the brand, based on Ayurvedic practices, launched an additional scalp formula. Their new Soothing Serum combines a unique blend of amla and bakuchi oils, along with aloe, to create a soothing, weightless elixir that nourishes hair, while clearing product build-up from the scalp and reducing itchiness. Suitable for all scalp types, this new launch has a captivating, calming aroma, much like its popular predecessor.

AURA Personalized Haircare System: $67 (complete trio)

Personalized haircare isn’t entirely unheard of up to this point—but AURA takes it to the next level by incorporating temporary pigment options and neutralizing hues into the mix. So, on top of selecting your specific hair type, desired hair goals and even which aroma tickles your fancy, you also get to add a vibrant “Fantasy Shade” or “Classic Shade” into the mix. If you want to stick to your current shade, you also have the opportunity to select a neutralizing hue to help offset unwanted warm tones (aka say goodbye to brassy blonde highlights!). And, of course, you can select no additional pigment at all. Products can be purchased individually, but the trio (shampoo, conditioner and masque) will get you the best bang for your buck!

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