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5 Ways to Improve the Work Day That Have Nothing to Do with Your Job

September 29, 2016

Angelenos are blessed with good weather and an endless agenda of fun things to do.

But, we also have to deal with the delights (ha!) of impossible parking, around-the-clock traffic, entitled people who think they’re famous and so on and so on.

That said, it’s easy to get caught up in the crazy energy that is Los Angeles, and sometimes even the slightest annoyance can send our day into a frenzy—and that’s not even considering what stems from our actual job!

After much thought over the years, I’ve learned how to put a positive spin on my day from beginning to end. That is, if I’m willing to put in the effort (ie. sacrificing a few extra Zzzs). Positive energy doesn’t just come with the snap of a finger—but again, if you take the time to follow these easy steps, you can have a grade-A work day that has nothing to do with your actual job.


See what I mean below!

1. Put Effort Into Your Appearance

This is in no way meant to sound shallow—the truth of the matter is, when we do our hair, throw on a little makeup (if that’s our thing) and dress ourselves in an ensemble we adore, we feel entirely different throughout the day. Who doesn’t love walking out of the house feeling fresh, and into the office to the sound of compliments?


2. COFFEE!!!!

This may seem like a given, because, duh, who doesn’t love coffee? But aside from the AM energy boost that it provides, along with that calming, close-to-home aroma, use coffee as an excuse to have some public interaction prior to hitting the computer, phone and whatever else you’ll need to use at work. This tip is especially recommended if you follow No. 1 on this list. Looking your best, leave your place a few minutes early and jet on over to the nearest coffee shop with the most fun early-morning crowd. There’s nothing like an 8:00 a.m. people-watching sesh to get your day going. And that caffeine kick to top it off? Sounds like the perfect starter to me!


3. Take a Desirable Route to and from the Workplace

This one can easily be overlooked, but it’s proved to be a game-changer for me. Most of the office jobs I’ve held have been quite the commute from my quaint West Hollywood digs, and it’s taken a great deal of energy out of me over time. My latest full-time job is based approximately 80 minutes away (depending on traffic) and when I first started working there, it (aka good ol’ Waze) took me on a disastrous journey through the grimiest parts of some of my least favorite areas of L.A. I found that I’d come home feeling worn out, energy zapped. Not good. So after much trial and error, I finally navigated my way through a dream route. Don’t get me wrong, I still get massive traffic, and the distance has made it so there’s no such thing as “happy hour” in my schedule, but at least my drive is slightly (well, greatly) more scenic. In fact, it’s also cut out 10-20 minutes out of the commute. So I’d say the new drive is a win all around. Bottom line: Don’t let Waze determine your level of happiness! Don’t do it!


4.  Give Yourself Something to Look Forward to Each Day

I don’t know about you, but even the slightest things can bring me joy. Whether it’s the release of a favorite artist’s new album, a fun open bar event, a home-cooked dinner from a friend, a cool interview I’m conducting for work, or—best of all—a rainy forecast, I always try to give myself something somewhat exciting to anticipate at some point during the day. It definitely helps me tackle some of the otherwise tedious tasks that come my way.


5. Do Something Productive Outside of Your Job Duties

We always feel a sense of relief when we’ve completed a lengthy work project or made it through a meeting we’ve been dreading, but there’s such a sense of fulfillment that comes from doing something productive outside of the direct workplace. For instance, completing this blog post when I technically don’t have to, makes me feel like I’ve done something positive for the day. These can be minor things, they can be bigger things. Sometimes I give myself a pat on the back just for making a doctor or dentist appointment that I’ve been putting off for months (sometimes years—shh…). We’re always in need of a good room-cleaning, a trip to the grocery store, a call to a close, but distant relative, and the list goes on. Obviously starting or ending your day with a workout (regardless of the intensity) is the best way to go. But waking up super early can be rough, and sometimes all we want to do after the office is collapse on top of our comforter. So, yeah, it’s not always possible, but either way, taking care of something you’ve been putting off will enhance your day tremendously!


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