Happy 2017! Here’s My New Year’s Resolution—and I Think It Applies to You, Too

December 31, 2016

Happy 2017, everyone!

Let me preface this by saying even though they are so cliche, I do think new year’s resolutions serve an excellent purpose (when applied properly). Really, who can disagree with a seemingly fresh start?


That said, I think most of us tend to go overboard with goals and expectations, which leads to maybe a few weeks at best of said resolutions, only putting us farther behind than when we started. Like I would love to say I’m going to workout five (heck, even three) times every week, or that I’m only going to have two drinks max every time I go out—but that is not realistic (for me).

This is why I think making even one minor change can lead to many more. Granted, I, too, in the past have held myself up to unrealistic standards, and clearly they didn’t get me anywhere. This year I am taking baby steps with the hopes of a bigger turnout.

I started a new job at the beginning of April, and one of the biggest perks of office life there is we are never left hungry (well, I guess I should say never left without food). Our fridge is non-stop stocked with almond milk, soda, every condiment, you name it. Our cupboards are piled high with coffee, tea, pita chips, Popchips, those really delicious kettle chips from that brand I can’t recall, every brand of Frito-Lay chips and the list goes on. Yes, snacks and beverages, they run aplenty.


In previous places of employment, we’ve had a Bagel Thursday type of situation, or a catered lunch one day of the week, and then anything else we had to nibble on courtesy of the office, came via special deliveries from the Sprinkles Cupcakes publicist or something along those lines. To further my point, I was not accustomed to having free snacks at my disposal around the clock, so I was never hit with ongoing temptation.

This year, I found myself munching incessantly when I wasn’t even hungry—on things I don’t even normally eat! Sure, chips and guac are delish at El Compadre, but during my day-to-day doings? It’s never been a thing for me. Once I gave into this snacking free-for-all, it led to other overeating situations in general. Like coming home from work stuffed, but ordering delivery for dinner because it’s just there and it’s really good. I noticed my mood, my dreams at night—everything—was being affected by my poor habit, and I realized it needs to stop.

The point of all of this is that I am going to (try to) cut excess from my life in the new year—and I’m starting with all the senseless snacking. Sure, there will definitely be moments where I’m so-called “bored” (I know, such a damaging word) and I may want a nibble or two. But that’s when healthier (and far more filling) options like apples, water, mixed nuts, celery and almond butter come into play.


By training my mind to cut these unnecessary additions from my day-to-day diet, I am hoping it will guide me to cutting excess in other areas of my life, too. It’s all about starting small.

I think it is fine to indulge in that plate of lasagna once in a while, but is it necessary to eat all of it in one sitting, and eat it all the time as if it isn’t a treat? Definitely not.

There are certainly times to do things in excess, but they shouldn’t be done excessively, and I think every one of us is guilty of doing something or another in this way—some things more than others. Try to take one of the smaller things and eliminate it, and see if it leads to other rightful eliminations. I guess I’ll have to check back in 2018 and see how this went!

With that, I wish everyone a happy, healthy, safe new year, and hope that whatever self-improvement road you choose to take (if any) leads you on a successful journey!

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