How to Make the Most Out of COUCHella

Social distancing has left people on their couch during what was supposed to be weekend one of Coachella. Here’s how to make the most if the experience from home!

What was supposed to be weekend one of America’s biggest music festival has been derailed by a pandemic, of all things—leaving Coachella ticket holders trading music, dancing and dosing for a weekend on their couch.

While absolutely nothing matches the experience of dancing to Diplo (just throwing a name out there) under clear desert skies with 100,000 of your closest friends, you don’t have to sidestep the aggressively anticipated weekend altogether.

Keep reading for how to make the most out of COUCHella.

1. Blast a Playlist of Intended 2020 Coachella Performers (or Bust Out a Playlist From Your Fave Coachella of Years Past)

If you were hyped for this year’s fest, chances are you’ve had a playlist going for months. Don’t let that go to waste! Turn up those tunes—or, if it tugs at your heartstrings to play songs from the Coachella that never was, take a time warp to a favorite festival year by throwing on a different playlist. You can also replay specific sets or years on YouTube if you really want to relive magical years past.

2. Support Small Businesses and Order Delivery From an Intended Coachella 2020 Vendor

There are two types of people who go to Coachella: people who eat there and people who don’t. That said, we’re in unique times, and as you galavant around your living space, you’re bound to get hungry. You were likely going to order food anyway, so keep it thematic and order (if you can) from a vendor who was supposed to be at Coachella. Not only are you adding to the “feels like I’m there” vibe, but you’re supporting a small business. If you live in L.A., there are tons of options. For some inspo, click HERE.

3. Throw on a ~Festival~ Ensemble and Take Pics for the Gram (Trust Us, No One’s Judging at This Point)

Three weeks deep of quarantine and anything goes at this point. We’ve seen people dance alone in their living room, we’ve seen people get dolled up as if they’re going to prom—how’s a cute shot of you and your S.O. or roommate appearing Coachella-bound gonna hurt anyone? You probably have a ton of prepped looks ready to go. Put one (or two, or three) to use, flash a peace sign and call it a day. Have a palm tree on your street or a backyard? Added bonus! And be sure to hashtag #couchella or #coachellafromhome so you can attract all those fellow DIY Coachella-ers like yourself!

4. Organize a Zoom Extravaganza With Your Intended Coachella 2020 Crew

While not quite the same as exchanging sweat in 110-degree weather, hangin’ with your presumed festival squad via video chat isn’t totally pointless. Especially if you guys all follow the whole dressing up thing, you can all debut your looks while sipping cocktails, with your favorite Coachella artists playing (via Spotify or played back performances from the past).

5. Bust Out Some Cocktails (or Whatever Else You Have Up Your Sleeve—We Kid, of Course)

Everyone’s already drinking amid quarantine anyway, so it’s not like this COUCHella celebration should spike your intake, but you can still make it especially fun! This is your chance to make drinks you probably wouldn’t opt for otherwise. We suggest wine or champagne popsicles (we like THIS recipe, but obviously you can alter to make it your own), or you can spice up your traditional White Claw with one of THESE specialty WC cocktails—or, you can simply just drink White Claw. Think: REVOLVE party vibes. Heck, did someone say Piña Colada?

6. Make a Drinking Game Out of the Coachella Documentary

If you’re reading this post, chances are you’ve already seen the just-released Coachella documentary (or maybe you haven’t, but now’s the perfect opp). To make it even more entertaining, perhaps make a drinking game out of it (every time they reference this artist, or every time this person shows up on the screen). This is really up to you, but make the most of that viewing. Once you’re done watching, head over HERE tonight (April 11) for a Q + A with the director and producer of the doc at 7 p.m. PST.

7. Create Something Sentimental

A little late to the game, but we recently discovered the Canva app (thanks, quarantine!), and it is a game changer. It gives you rearrangeable templates to design anything, so with a little extra time on your hands, why not use it to put together a sentimental graphic for your Coachella besties? Perhaps a collage of greatest moments? Or even a group shot of you guys superimposed into a fake April 2020 Coachella? And then there’s always the option to make your crew friendship bracelets that you can throw into a quarantine care package next week!

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